AFCON 2023 is making waves in 2024


AFCON 2023

Did you miss the memo? AFCON 2023 is making waves in 2024! Better late than never, right? 🏆 🌍 Quick Recap The 34th edition of Africa Cup of Nations, aka AFCON 2023, was set to sizzle in Ivory Coast for the second time. But guess what? Weather (rainy season, to be more exact) had other plans, so CAF hit the pause button, moving the party to 13 Jan – 11 Feb 2024. 🏆 Defending Champions Senegal, you're still holding the crown! 🇸🇳 🌐 Host Selection Drama Guinea had the gig but danced out of sync, losing the hosting hat to Morocco in 2025. Ivory Coast said, 'Hold my beer' and shifted from 2021 to 2023, and later begged CAF to dodge the rainy season to Jan–Feb 2024. Smart move? 📅 President's Confirmation On January 30, 2019, the CAF Confederation of African Football President and Ivory Coast's head shook hands – the plan was set. Ivory Coast to 2023, and here we are! ⌛ Conclusion Get ready for AFCON 2023 (in 2024)! It's fashionably late, but like they say, better late than never, right ⚽

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