How many millions does an injury cost a football club? 💰



How many millions does an injury cost a football club? 💰 "I said if I wish you good luck it would be a lie," Jurgen Klopp told Mohamed Salah before his departure to Africa Cup of Nations. And rightly so, as Salah has been “ruled out for up to a month” after sustaining hamstring injury. After last years’ experience, where Football injuries costed European leagues €767 million in post-World Cup season (source: Bloomberg) Klopp was worried that the physical and mental strain of Egypt’s stint at the Africa Cup of Nations would bring one of his key players injured. And it did. As presented by Premier Injuries, Salah’s Harmstring injury is the costier and most frequent injury in topflight football. But how much do these injuries cost clubs, taking into account only lost wages? Let’s look at the top 3: Eden Hazard at Real Madrid: - 252 days injured - € 475 000 weekly wage - £ 17 130 000 money lost Philippe Coutinho at FC Barcelona: - 233 days injured - € 475 000 weekly wage - € 15 800 000 money lost Neymar at Paris Saint-German: - 95 days injured - € 1 000 000 weekly wage - € 13 629 980 money lost With these values, it’s no surprise that clubs invest so much in injury prevention. And they should. Preventing injuries is one of the best ways to enhance team performance. And also one of the most cost-effective. I saw this for myself when we helped our partners at Mt. St. Mary’s Women’s soccer team reach their best conference tournament result in program history. By helping them track players’ internal loads, the team did not sustain a single major injury this season. So, remember: take care of your players and they will take care of the rest.

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