How to use the EURO 2024 to propel your scouting career?


EURO 2024

Whether you are on vacation, or back to work in the stadium, we both know you will watch all the EURO matches back-to-back. Why not use this effort productively and boost your personal brand and career? 1. Expand Database - Expand your personal scouted players database - Enrich it with underdog players you see playing in this EURO edition 2. Showcase your Player and Match Analysis - Use social media to show your player scouting skills - Use livestream videos to edit your own match analysis knowledge 3. Stay Updated - Learn from other experts' analyses and reports - Follow the "Mind Games" blog posts of Rodrigo Ferreira in ScoutDecision blog with a Sport Psychology analysis 4. Experiment with technologies - There are a lot of software tools and data sources that you haven't tried yet - If you were looking to have a free trial of ScoutDecision, now might be a good time to have a go 5. BONUS: Live Networking - If you can make it to Germany, definitely hit people up - Be it Linkedin or Instagram, pull up a friendly "Hello! I'd love to connect with you" and make new friends through football

P.S. For 2 months, the ScoutDecision team collected testimonials from scouts in our network about their jobs, the tools they use, etc. Now you can read the results for free here: Football Scouting Survey 2024

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