Transformation of Brazilian Football: Arrival of the SAFs, integration with Portugal and education



      The Brazilian football has been undergoing significant transformations in recent years, driven by SAFs (Anonymous Societies in Football), a legal model that allows associative clubs to become companies. Through fiscal benefits, good management practices, and governance, they achieve both sporting and financial success. Law 14,193/21, ratified in August 2021, in addition to studies and discussions among football industry stakeholders, the SAF model was heavily inspired by Portuguese SADs (Anonymous Sports Companies). These transformations are modernizing the structure and management of clubs, making them more professional and sustainable, with a long-term perspective. Institutions are adopting a much more corporate approach, which was rarely seen in Brazilian clubs before. This new reality in Brazilian football is attracting both internal and external investments aimed at increasing competitiveness, improving infrastructure, enhancing staff qualifications, and advancing the performance and quality of football played. However, for these transformations to be successful, it is essential for clubs, whether opting to become SAFs or remaining as associations, to undergo effective professionalization. This involves implementing good management practices, establishing a well-defined strategic plan, implementing action plans and established processes, and adopting corporate governance and financial transparency. This way, investments in infrastructure, equipment, and youth development yield results both on the field and in management areas, a demand that was previously unimaginable for clubs. Therefore, it is crucial for executives, investors, sports managers, and others involved to understand the need to be prepared to act in this process of modernization and professionalization of Brazilian football. This professionalization not only drives internal development of the sport but also makes Brazil an attractive market for professionals in the football world. For Portuguese professionals, it offers an entry point to apply their expertise and methodology, facilitated by language compatibility and the ability to implement and develop projects from grassroots to high performance. Examples like Abel Ferreira, who has had over 3 years of success leading Palmeiras, and Pedro Caixinha, currently leading Red Bull Bragantino, are some of the examples of Portuguese coaches finding space to execute and expand their knowledge in Brazilian soil. Additionally, the tenures of Jorge Jesus at Flamengo and Luis Castro at Botafogo highlight the positive impact Portuguese coaches can have on Brazilian football. The integration between Brazil and Portugal can further strengthen football, bringing new ideas, training methods, and management techniques, contributing to the sustainable growth of the sport in the country. At the same time, it offers Portuguese specialists the opportunity to expand their knowledge and leave their mark in one of the most football-passionate countries in the world. For this fusion between Portuguese football professionals and the Brazilian market to be effective, it's extremely important to understand the football culture of Brazil. It's essential to grasp the cognitive-behavioral gaps of Brazilian athletes, meaning understanding not only their technical and tactical abilities but also the psychological and emotional aspects influencing their performance. Thus, FootHub in partnership with ScoutDecision brings to the public a unique opportunity for professional improvement in the football world. The Executive Football Course offered by FootHub is a gateway for professionals seeking to develop their skills and expand their network in the sports scene.

''The Executive Football Course was designed with the aim of showcasing the reality of the football department manager's routines, highlighting their relationships and interactions with all areas connected to the sector.''

Fernando Carvalho, ex-President of S.C. Internacional and world champion in 2006, professor, and course creator.

In the course, participants will have the opportunity to deepen their technical and tactical skills, as well as acquire essential knowledge in areas such as sports management, performance analysis, and much more. With a practical and theoretical approach, the course aims to empower those who already work in the field or who wish to enter the industry to face the challenges of the current and future job market in football. You will learn about: - Brazilian and Global Football Industry - Organizational Culture - Strategic Planning - People Management and Leadership - Laws and regulations for Executives - Negotiation - Logistics and Administration in Football - Coach Hiring - Squad Building, Market Analysis, and Scouting - Relationship with Youth Academies - Relationship with Agents - Innovation in Football - Practical Cases Furthermore, for Portuguese professionals, networking is fundamental. Portugal has a strong tradition in football, producing talents on and off the field. Participating in these courses not only offers learning opportunities but also opportunities to build valuable networks within and outside the country. This facilitates the exchange of experiences and specific knowledge, essential to face the local and international challenges of the football industry. In such a competitive and ever-changing environment as the world of football, investing in education and professional development is more than a smart choice—it's a necessity. Don't miss the opportunity to stand out and boost your career in football by joining Class 7 of the Executive Football Course at FootHub. Register now and take the next step towards success! You can register at the following link and enjoy a 10% discount: Executive Football Course at FootHub.

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