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- April 11, 2024

How to Identify Hidden Talents

Introduction: In the relentless pursuit of talent in the world of football, there is a crucial task that challenges scouts and talent spotters: identifying hidden talents, those underestimated or lesser-known players who have the potential to become stars. In this article, we will explore some fundamental strategies and techniques for identifying these hidden talents and unlocking their true potential in the field of football scouting. 1. Extensive Research: One of the keys to identifying hidden talents is to conduct extensive and thorough research. This involves watching a wide variety of games, from top-level competitions to regional and youth leagues. By expanding the scope of research, scouts have a better chance of discovering talented players who may have gone unnoticed by traditional recruiters. 2. Observation of Specific Characteristics: In addition to watching games, it is important to closely observe the specific characteristics of players. This includes not only technical skills such as ball control and passing accuracy but also physical traits such as speed, strength, and endurance. Furthermore, it is essential to assess the mentality and behavior of players on the field, including their determination, tactical intelligence, and ability to handle pressure. 3. Analysis of Relevant Statistics: Statistics also play a crucial role in identifying hidden talents. By analyzing relevant statistics such as goals scored, assists, passing accuracy rates, and defensive effectiveness, scouts can identify performance patterns and distinguish players who excel in specific areas of the game. Advanced metrics such as expected goals (xG) and expected assists (xA) can also provide valuable insights into a player's true impact on the field. 4. Deep Investigation: In addition to on-field observation and statistical analysis, it is important to conduct deeper investigations into players identified as hidden talents. This may include interviews with coaches, teammates, and other football professionals who can provide insights into the player's potential and character. Furthermore, it is helpful to investigate the player's background, including their academic background, medical history, and off-field behavior. 5. Confidence and Intuition: Finally, it is essential to trust one's own judgment and intuition when identifying hidden talents in the field of football scouting. The most obvious players are not always the best, and it often requires courage to invest in lesser-known players with exceptional potential. Having confidence in your evaluation ability and making decisions based on a deep understanding of the game can lead to the discovery of truly extraordinary talents. Conclusion: Identifying hidden talents in the field of football scouting is an art that requires dedication, skill, and a holistic approach. By conducting extensive research, closely observing player characteristics, analyzing relevant statistics, conducting deep investigations, and trusting intuition, scouts have the opportunity to discover the next big names in football and help them achieve their true potential in the world of sports.

April 11, 2024

Video Scouting

- March 7, 2024

How to Enhance Analysis as a Video Scout

Today, I'd like to share the tools I use to enhance my analyses in the role of "Video Scout." As a freelance professional providing services to a club in the Netherlands, it's important to note that the highlighted tools may not be suitable for everyone or other clubs. The goal of this post is to provide insights for those taking their first steps in this field. There are various tools available, and the idea is not only to assist beginners but also to encourage those already using a specific tool to explore new possibilities or try something different. 1. Communication Tools Let's start by talking about communication tools because efficient communication is essential for receiving requests and maintaining effective communication. Tools Used by Clubs: - Slack / Teams / Google Chat These platforms are widely adopted by clubs due to their efficiency in internal communication. Slack, for example, provides specific channels for different areas, making discussions organized. Teams and Google Chat are equally robust, integrating with other collaborative tools. The choice of these platforms by clubs aims to centralize information, ensuring agile and transparent communication among team members. Tools Used by Freelancers: - WhatsApp / Telegram / Email For freelancers like me, the versatility of these tools is crucial. WhatsApp and Telegram enable instant communication, speeding up the exchange of information and feedback. Additionally, many clients prefer these messaging platforms for more direct communication. Meanwhile, email remains a vital tool for formalizing proposals, sharing detailed reports, and maintaining more formalized communication. 2. Database The database is where I gather information about the players in question. Here are some common databases that are part of my arsenal: For Clubs: - Wyscout / Eyeball / Pro Soccer Data These platforms are fundamental for clubs due to their comprehensive and high-quality data. Wyscout, for example, offers a range of statistics, videos, and detailed player analyses. Eyeball and Pro Soccer Data also stand out for the accuracy of information, providing a comprehensive view that aids in strategic decision-making. The trust in these databases is essential for clubs seeking accurate and updated information about talents. For Freelancers: - Transfermarkt / O Gol / Football Manager Database Freelancers, like me, find valuable data sources in these platforms. Transfermarkt provides a wide range of transfer and performance statistics, while O Gol offers detailed information about Brazilian football. The Football Manager database is appreciated for its detailed and realistic approach to player performance. I use these resources to complement my analysis and provide comprehensive insights to my clients. Wildcard: - ScoutDecision ScoutDecision is a wildcard, used by both clubs and freelancers. It has been a crucial ally since my early days as a professional. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive data make the decision-making process faster and more efficient. If you haven't explored this tool yet, I recommend taking a look! Use the discount code "PENNA10." I promise you won't regret it. 3. Note-Taking Now that the demand has been received and the player located, it's time to dive into the analyses. For this crucial step, I rely on several tools. Digital Tools: - Evernote, OneNote, and GoodNotes Evernote is my choice for keeping organized and accessible notes anywhere. Its versatility allows the creation of specific notebooks for each player, facilitating cataloging and quick retrieval of important information. The ability to add images and links enriches the analysis process further. OneNote, with its efficient device integration, offers a seamless experience. The notebook and page structure is ideal for organizing detailed data on skills, statistics, and specific player observations. Its real-time synchronization capability makes sharing information with teammates agile and effective. For digital writing enthusiasts, GoodNotes is an excellent choice. With a natural paper and pen feel, this tool is ideal for detailed notes during performance analyses. The ability to add sketches and diagrams facilitates the visualization of tactical patterns and specific movements. Embracing the Analog: - Pen and Paper Personally, I am a traditional method enthusiast. I use more than two notebooks per year, each dedicated to different analyses. The blue pen is reserved for general information, while the black pen allows me to make corrections and add additional information after the initial analysis. The tangible approach of pen and paper provides a unique connection with observations, allowing me to delve even deeper into the nuances of player performance. 4. Watching Games Now that the workspace is ready, it's time to dive into the games. Let's explore the choices of video tools, considering the different needs of clubs and freelancers. For Clubs: - Wyscout / Eyeball / Veo Wyscout is a top choice for clubs due to its extensive database and detailed analyses. With high-quality videos, it allows a thorough view of player performance, facilitating talent identification and tactical team improvement. Eyeball is preferred by clubs for its focused approach on specific videos, offering a more detailed view of matches. Its ability to highlight key moments and provide accurate analyses contributes to a deep understanding of the game. Veo has gained prominence among clubs due to its innovative approach with smart cameras. This technology allows automatic recording of matches and training, providing a complete field view and simplifying the tactical analysis process. For Freelancers: - YouTube / HBO, Paramount, Star+, Prime Video Freelancers often turn to YouTube to access publicly available game videos. This broad and accessible platform offers a variety of matches, allowing the analysis of different playing styles and players—for free. For freelancers seeking access to specific leagues and competitions, streaming services like HBO, Paramount, Star+, and Prime Video offer live broadcasts and match replays. This variety of options provides extensive coverage, allowing freelancers to focus on specific analyses according to client demands. 5. Video Editing Let's address the editing stage, which, while not mandatory, can significantly enhance your work. If you want to expand your skills and value as a professional, mastering one of these video editing platforms is an excellent choice. - Adobe Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro X / iMovie Premiere Pro is a robust tool widely used by clubs due to its versatility and advanced features. Its intuitive interface allows precise video editing, making it easy to create highlights, detailed tactical analyses, and engaging visual presentations for the coaching staff. Final Cut Pro X, popular among Apple device users, stands out for efficiency and superior performance. Its seamless integration with other Apple products and the ability to work with high-resolution videos make it a preferred choice for clubs seeking professional quality. iMovie is an affordable and effective option for freelancers wanting to start in the world of video editing. With a user-friendly interface, basic edits, creating highlights, and presenting analyses clearly are possible. It's an excellent choice for those starting and wanting to acquire editing skills without investing in more advanced software. 6. Report Creation Now we've reached the crucial stage of the process: writing the report. This moment requires not only writing skills but also a deep understanding of the game, the ability to communicate effectively, and a clinical eye that transcends the obvious. Remember, whether working for a club or as an independent freelancer, integrity and fidelity to observations are essential. Your name is associated with success or failure, and honesty is the foundation of a solid reputation. For Clubs: - Pro Soccer Data / Wyscout Clubs often rely on specialized platforms like Pro Soccer Data and Wyscout for report writing. These tools offer a complete range of statistics, detailed tactical analyses, and performance videos, providing a solid foundation for comprehensive reports. The accuracy and richness of data from these platforms significantly contribute to strategic decision-making. For Freelancers: - PPT / Word / Pages Freelancers often opt for more flexible tools like PowerPoint (PPT), Word, or Pages for report creation. These platforms offer creative freedom in presenting information, allowing the inclusion of graphics, images, and insights in a personalized manner. Wildcard: - ScoutDecision Once again, ScoutDecision stands out as a versatile and powerful tool for both clubs and freelancers. Its ability to integrate data, statistics, and videos into a single platform streamlines the report creation process. The intuitive interface and flexibility of ScoutDecision make it an effective choice for those seeking efficiency and accuracy in their reports. 7. Delivery We've reached the final stage of the process: delivering the reports. Choosing the right platform for this moment ensures a smooth and efficient transition from analysis to the hands of clients. For Clubs: - Pro Soccer Data / ScoutDecision Clubs often prefer specialized platforms like Pro Soccer Data for report delivery. This choice is justified by its direct integration with other tools used in the analysis process, ensuring a cohesive and efficient experience. The dedicated tactical analysis interface makes data interpretation easier, providing more precise information delivery. Once again, ScoutDecision stands out as a choice for clubs. Its ability to integrate data, statistics, and videos into a single platform offers a comprehensive solution. The ease of sharing reports directly on the platform simplifies the process for technical teams, promoting more effective communication. For Freelancers: - Email / WhatsApp / Telegram Freelancers usually opt for direct communication platforms like email, WhatsApp, and Telegram for report delivery. These tools offer a personalized and direct approach, allowing closer communication with clients. Sending file attachments via email or messages is a common practice to ensure reports arrive quickly and securely. Drive (Google / Microsoft / Apple): Cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud are popular choices among freelancers. The ease of file sharing and the ability to update reports collaboratively offer flexibility and convenience for both parties. 8. Conclusion In conclusion, the universe of "Video Scouting" is complex and multifaceted, requiring a strategic approach and suitable tools for each stage of the process. From receiving the demand to delivering the final report, choosing the right platforms plays a crucial role in the efficiency and quality of work. For clubs, specialized platforms like Pro Soccer Data and the versatile ScoutDecision offer an integrated approach, facilitating tactical analysis and strategic decision-making. The integration of these tools provides a smooth experience, ensuring technical teams are equipped with accurate and relevant information. For freelancers, flexibility and direct communication are essential. Tools like email, WhatsApp, Telegram, and cloud storage platforms like Google Drive provide a more personalized approach, allowing close communication with clients and efficient report delivery. Regardless of the chosen path, integrity and fidelity to observations remain essential principles. Whether working for a renowned club or as an independent freelancer, the reputation of the "Video Scout" is shaped by accuracy, clarity, and a commitment to excellence. In the dynamic field of football, where success and failure are measured in details, the combination of analytical skills, efficient tools, and effective communication is the key to standing out in this challenging scenario. May each analysis be a valuable contribution to the improvement of the game, and may each report be a faithful reflection of the nuances and strategies that shape the spectacle that is football. The game never stops, and neither do we. #VideoScout #TacticalAnalysis #ExcellenceInFootball

March 7, 2024


- March 1, 2024

Developing the Scout's Eye: Preparation Beyond the Football Field

Today, I'd like to share insights on football scouting preparation that go beyond practical knowledge. The scout profession demands a blend of skills and expertise, and investing in your education can make all the difference. Here are some courses I recommend and why they are crucial: Tactical Analysis Course: Why? A scout needs to grasp the tactical nuances of the game. This course provides an in-depth view of different teams' strategies, enabling scouts to identify patterns and tailor their observations accordingly. Course I took: Performance Analysis and Market Trends - Interactive Football (Análise de Desempenho e Mercado - Futebol Interativo How to write a scout report: Why? Capturing details is crucial. This course enhances observation skills and teaches how to structure detailed reports, laying a solid foundation for effective communication with coaches and executives. Course I took: How to Write a Scout Report - English For Football Statistics and Data Analysis Training: Why? In the modern world of football, data plays a crucial role. Learning to interpret statistics can help scouts ground their observations with numbers, providing a more comprehensive perspective. Course I took: Data Analysis In Football - PFSA Sports Psychology: Why? Understanding athletes' minds is essential. This course delves into the psychological aspect of sports, empowering analysts to assess not only technical skills but also the mindset of athletes. Course I took: Sports Psychology For Athletes and Coaches - Ahilan Chandran Rules and Regulations Update: Why? Football is constantly evolving. Therefore, scouts need to stay updated on changes in the rules of the game and regulations, ensuring that their assessments align with the latest guidelines. Currently, there isn't a dedicated course for this specific topic. However, it's crucial for scouts to stay informed and updated by regularly checking the websites of the federations they work with. How do you stay connected with the rules of the game and the peculiarities of the leagues you operate in? Share your experiences and tips in the comments! #scout #football #soccer #performanceanalysis #marketanalysis #analyst #analysis

March 1, 2024
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