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ScoutDecision has signed a contract with Associação Académica de Coimbra - OAF, one of the iconic clubs from Portugal. This partnership was established with the club's Scouting Department and includes a close collaboration with David Caiado, Sports Director, Francisco Nora, Vice-President, and Daniel Simões, Chief Scout. ScoutDecision will help centralize all the folders previously used, unifying their database, various report types, and weekly planning. This will allow for easier internal communication and quicker decision-making. Académica de Coimbra is the oldest active club in Portugal, funded in 1887, and has won the first edition of the Portuguese Cup, revalidating this title more recently in 2012. They can seat almost 30,000 people in their stadium, in Coimbra. Now disputing Liga 3, they have one of the most interesting projects to achieve the promotion. Using a single tool to organize the scouting and management will enable Académica de Coimbra to elevate the number of players analyzed and help them not to lose information between seasons, with every scout documenting their work.

P.S. For 2 months, the ScoutDecision team collected testimonials from scouts in our network about their jobs, the tools they use, etc. Now you can read the results for free here: Football Scouting Survey 2024

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