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Scouting Software

- May 23, 2024

Why Wyscout is Not Enough for Scouting

Wyscout is such a valuable tool. With just a few clicks, you watch all the corners taken from a guy in Uruguay or compare the passing accuracy of all the midfielders in the J2 League. That’s why it is so popular: information, information, information… However, relying only on Wyscout is not enough for most. How can you differentiate from the thousands of people who watch the same videos and stats? How can you make the most of the gigantic piles of information you have access to? Here are 5 reasons why you should complement Wyscout with additional tools: 1. You need Flexibility Wyscout has an impressive database, but it lacks the flexibility to add new players or edit details of existing ones. When scouting, you’ll discover more details that can be crucial to include on your final assessments, so why not join both? 2. Make your own Evaluation You’re a scout, you’re great at evaluating players. Statistics are good to support your insights, but the most important assessment comes from your own skills and experience. Why not use your expertise and combine it with some relevant metrics from Wyscout and then present them to someone else in a visually appealing report created by you? 3. Don't change your Working Style We all like to do things our way. We feel more productive and less stressed. You have many buttons and features in Wyscout but it can get really tough to adapt them to your working style. Unfortunately, Wysccout is not going to change anything just for you. However, there are other platforms that want to listen to your needs and adapt their features so that you have all the details you need in a fully customized experience. 4. Organize Yourself Scouting is more than just looking at players. Scheduling the games you want to see, assigning tasks to complete, comparing all the reports you’ve completed, and managing video, documents and negotiation details are all crucial. Wyscout alone does not support these operational needs. You need something else so you don’t feel lost with the information spread between your notes, Excel, or Drive. 5. Use every detail to Decide Better What happens if you want to add data from elsewhere to your evaluations? Wyscout does not support integration with other data sources you might want to use, nor does it provide an overall player classification based on YOUR preferences. If you want player rankings based on the attributes you find most important, you should have something else at your hand. Conclusion While Wyscout is something you should have, the demands of modern scouting require additional tools for optimal performance. A comprehensive scouting information system not only complements Wyscout but also addresses its limitations. Having the video and the stats while keeping yourself organized with your own tailored tools will make you unstoppable. If you’d like to try out a platform that perfectly complements what Wyscout doesn't give you, check it out here.

May 23, 2024


- April 12, 2024

Elevating the Game: ScoutDecision and L10 Sports Consulting Join Forces

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between ScoutDecision and the esteemed L10 Sports Consulting! This strategic alliance marks the beginning of a powerful collaboration, aiming to further enhance the landscape of sports scouting and market analysis. L10 Sports Consulting, a leading company in Brazil providing educational services and mentorship for analysts and scouts, is now teaming up with ScoutDecision to enrich its educational offerings. With L10's expertise and ScoutDecision's advanced technology, L10's courses will be complemented with privileged access to our analysis software. This partnership goes beyond just providing tools; it is an active collaboration in defining new features for our platform. We firmly believe that L10's experience and knowledge will add significant value to the ongoing development of ScoutDecision, ensuring our users have access to the best practices and innovations in the industry. Furthermore, we are excited to announce that L10 students will be entitled to an exclusive discount on the ScoutDecision platform. We aim to make access to our technology even more accessible for those investing in their careers in the world of sports observation and analysis. We would like to express our gratitude to L10's CEO, Rodrigo Lameira, for his vision and leadership in this joint endeavor. Together, we are committed to elevating the game, empowering professionals and teams to reach their full potential on the global sports stage.

April 12, 2024

National Teams

- March 28, 2024

The Importance of International Breaks

Football fans tend to hate International breaks 👎 2 weeks without Club football can seem unbearable in the middle of the season... However, you shouldn't deny their importance (here's why 👇) 🏆 International Competitions Friendlies may seem a waste of time, but they are just the preparation for the most vibrant sports competitions in the world. The FIFA World Cup, or even the UEFA EURO and CONMEBOL Copa America, unite nations in a way we all love to witness. ⚽ Player Development Playing alongside new teammates, coaches and tactics help players adapt to new game structures that clubs can later take advantage of. New ideas for free. 📈 Market Opportunities For clubs, which see their players confirm their value in a different setting with broader coverage. For players, whose exposure can lead to endorsements and sponsorship deals. 💪 Mental Boost Many of them seek a spot to play in the biggest competitions. It's a source of motivation, driving the players to improve their performance and morale when returning to club competitions. 🌟 Star Status Tell me one football superstar who didn't perform with his national team. It's their chance to prove their quality and confirm their elite level. It's the highest dream of many when growing up. Despite disrupting club football temporarily, international breaks play a crucial role in player development and global football dynamics. Being able to witness the emergence of talents like Lamine Yamal and Endrick make it a lot easier for us, football fans... (but now please bring 'El Clasico' asap 🙏)

March 28, 2024

EFL Championship

- March 6, 2024

Who is going to return to the World's Best League next season?

10 games remaining. 10 games that separate the teams from their dreams to play against the most powerful teams, in the most profitable competition and with the biggest fan base watching. But more than being the ultimate step before The Premier League, the EFL Championship is a truly competitive context in itself. 🏟️ 5th Best Attendance (above Ligue 1) 🏆 6th Best Average Team Quality (according to Opta Sports, 22/23) How do things stand? 🦊 Leicester City: once champions-elect, now facing a test of character. With 26 victories under their belt, they stand atop the table. 1st | 81 Points | 36 Games | 72.2% Wins 🚜 Ipswich Town: a team defying expectations and rewriting the narrative. Newly promoted from League One, they weathered a stormy patch but emerged stronger, with six consecutive wins. 2nd | 78 Points | 36 Games | 63.9% Wins ⚪️ Leeds United: steeped in tradition and fueled by ambition, their unbeaten run faced a moment of reckoning against Huddersfield. Yet, with grit and determination, they roared back to victory against Stoke. 3rd | 76 Points | 36 Games | 63.9% Wins 👼 Southampton: embarked on a journey marked by twists and turns, overcoming setbacks to forge a path toward redemption and still remembering the 20th spot last year. They are the only team that has to face all the other candidates. 4th | 70 Points | 35 Games (-1) | 60.0% Wins The stakes have never been higher 🔥 Which team do you think will emerge to claim their place among football's elite? Despite the winners, one thing is certain: the heart-pounding drama and pursuit of excellence in the Championship resemble the essence of football we all learned to love ⚽ #Championship #EFL #Football

March 6, 2024
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Miguel Gouveia

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MSc in Industrial Management and Engineering | Business Developer @ ScoutDecision | Researcher on Decision Support Models in Football | Football Fanatic 100% Verified

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