ScoutDecision Enters Ukrainian Premier League with Kolos Kovalivka



ScoutDecision has signed a deal with Ukrainian Premier League club, FC Kolos Kovalivka. This partnership includes close work with the Scouting Department, including Vitalii Lysytskyi, Sports Director, Vitalii Shalimov, Vice-President, and the remaining scouts and data analyst. ScoutDecision will be the central system of all the scouting duties of the team, including player database, reports, and analyses. The team will be able to store all their information in a customized setting, leaving behind any pains of using their already existing data. The club from the city of Kovalivka disputes the First Tier of Ukrainian Football since 2019 and has already participated in European competitions in 20/21 and 21/22 despite having only 12 years of existence. The combination of data analysis tools and information management will help FC Kolos Kovalivka establish itself even further as one of the prominent football clubs in Ukraine.

P.S. For 2 months, the ScoutDecision team collected testimonials from scouts in our network about their jobs, the tools they use, etc. Now you can read the results for free here: Football Scouting Survey 2024


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