Elevating the Game: ScoutDecision and L10 Sports Consulting Join Forces



We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between ScoutDecision and the esteemed L10 Sports Consulting! This strategic alliance marks the beginning of a powerful collaboration, aiming to further enhance the landscape of sports scouting and market analysis. L10 Sports Consulting, a leading company in Brazil providing educational services and mentorship for analysts and scouts, is now teaming up with ScoutDecision to enrich its educational offerings. With L10's expertise and ScoutDecision's advanced technology, L10's courses will be complemented with privileged access to our analysis software. This partnership goes beyond just providing tools; it is an active collaboration in defining new features for our platform. We firmly believe that L10's experience and knowledge will add significant value to the ongoing development of ScoutDecision, ensuring our users have access to the best practices and innovations in the industry. Furthermore, we are excited to announce that L10 students will be entitled to an exclusive discount on the ScoutDecision platform. We aim to make access to our technology even more accessible for those investing in their careers in the world of sports observation and analysis. We would like to express our gratitude to L10's CEO, Rodrigo Lameira, for his vision and leadership in this joint endeavor. Together, we are committed to elevating the game, empowering professionals and teams to reach their full potential on the global sports stage.

P.S. For 2 months, the ScoutDecision team collected testimonials from scouts in our network about their jobs, the tools they use, etc. Now you can read the results for free here: Football Scouting Survey 2024


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