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Player Database Management

Move faster with your player information in one place

Automate away routine manual tasks of creating player profiles and constantly updating information.

Combine all relevant player elements effortlessly and say goodbye to scattered data.

Effortless Evaluation & Reporting

Create and customize your Scout Reports

Develop your framework(s) for player classification and evaluation and assess them according to your judgment.

Import from Wyscout, Statsbomb and others. Create automatic comparisons and simplify analysis.

Uncomplicated Transfer Tracking

Plan your signings with the Recruitment Tracker

Identify unfulfilled capabilities in your team and potential recruitment opportunities.

Break down the positions you want to follow and monitor athletes during the transfer window.

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football club, Al Ahly FC

Mohamed ElBaz

Head Scout @Al Ahly Club

"ScoutDecision platform is an excellent tool that we, the scouting team at Al Ahly Club, utilize. It greatly facilitates our scouting reports, technical player assessments, and helps us build a player database and generate reports. ScoutDecision has a dedicated and responsive team that promptly addresses all our requirements. They are highly flexible and continuously support us."

scout, Orel Partuk image

Orel Partuk

Ex-Head Scout

“The customer service is a dream that became a reality. Unlike any other platform, the variety of filtering and tracking options is unmatched. The app's easy explanation and use for advanced mathematical calculations empower me to make the best decisions effortlessly."

"The complete centralization without having to rely on Excel spreadsheets is very helpful."

coach, Renan Sousa
Footbal club, Norwich FC

Renan Sousa

Ex-Assistant Coach @Bethel University

"In my opinion, the tool is amazing! It reduces the time spent on Excel sheets and lists, efficiently organizes information, and streamlines the creation of training plans. It simplifies communication with players about games, call-ups, player evaluations, development, and training. (...) Coaches have a lot on their plate during their work period, and having a tool that aids in developing and organizing everything in one place is essential for time efficiency."

scout, Artur Fraga
agency, Think Ball

Artur Fraga

Ex-Scout @Think Ball & Sports Consulting

"I came across the ScoutDecision platform during a course, and within hours, I already realized that it was a tool capable of significantly optimizing my time and workload. With a variety of tools at your disposal, it offers numerous variables for success in my role. (...)"

head football operations, Andy Burgess
Football club, Southport FC image

Andy Burgess

Head of Football Operations @Southport FC

"Since collaborating with ScoutDecision, our productivity in all areas of the football department has increased immeasurably. Initially, we thought we would be using it to coordinate our scouting and recruitment department; however, it is far more robust and functional than that, whilst still proving a high-quality system for scout reports and recruitment documentation. (...)"

scout, Abner Tobias
agency, La Cantera Scouting

Abner Tobias

Scout @La Cantera Scouting

"I got to know the ScoutDecision platform with an analyst from a Brazilian club, and right from the start I noticed the solicitude of my account manager to understand my demand and help me. (...) Not only do I recommend it, but I already see it as essential to use on a daily basis, not just to store data, but to organize and optimize all the information we have. I believe that with the updates and the growth of the platform, it will be a way for the head scouts to interact and sign up to ScoutDecision."

scout, Pedro Ribeiro
football club, Estoril Praia

Pedro Ribeiro

Scout @Estoril Praia

“ScoutDecision is a very useful tool to manage and organize all the information in professional football. This platform can help a lot in daily basis to monitor and filter quickly info about players targeted for future recruitment. I personally highlight the possibility to personalize/edit all the layouts and menus as each person desire to improve daily work.”

scout, Frederico Fortes
football club, Norwich FC

Frederico Fortes

Scout @Norwich FC

"ScoutDecision has been a fantastic tool for creating, monitoring and assessing my database of players. The platform provides me with a way to make my scouting template with the KPIs and characteristics that would be more relevant for me in each position. Also, the platform is very customized and helps me to significantly organize and maintain my player’s database. (...)"

"Since collaborating with Scout Decision, our productivity in all areas of the football department has increased immeasurably."

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Quick insights on our scouting software.

ScoutDecision offers intuitive tools for player evaluations, scheduling, and communication, simplifying scouting tasks at the individual level and/or enhancing collaboration among scouting teams.

Yes, ScoutDecision is highly customizable. You can tailor the platform to your team's unique requirements, including customizing evaluation criteria and scheduling preferences.

Absolutely! ScoutDecision caters to scouting needs across all levels, providing solutions that can adapt to the requirements of small clubs, youth academies, and professional scouting organizations alike.
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