Who is going to return to the World's Best League next season?


EFL Championship

10 games remaining. 10 games that separate the teams from their dreams to play against the most powerful teams, in the most profitable competition and with the biggest fan base watching. But more than being the ultimate step before The Premier League, the EFL Championship is a truly competitive context in itself. 🏟️ 5th Best Attendance (above Ligue 1) 🏆 6th Best Average Team Quality (according to Opta Sports, 22/23) How do things stand? 🦊 Leicester City: once champions-elect, now facing a test of character. With 26 victories under their belt, they stand atop the table. 1st | 81 Points | 36 Games | 72.2% Wins 🚜 Ipswich Town: a team defying expectations and rewriting the narrative. Newly promoted from League One, they weathered a stormy patch but emerged stronger, with six consecutive wins. 2nd | 78 Points | 36 Games | 63.9% Wins ⚪️ Leeds United: steeped in tradition and fueled by ambition, their unbeaten run faced a moment of reckoning against Huddersfield. Yet, with grit and determination, they roared back to victory against Stoke. 3rd | 76 Points | 36 Games | 63.9% Wins 👼 Southampton: embarked on a journey marked by twists and turns, overcoming setbacks to forge a path toward redemption and still remembering the 20th spot last year. They are the only team that has to face all the other candidates. 4th | 70 Points | 35 Games (-1) | 60.0% Wins The stakes have never been higher 🔥 Which team do you think will emerge to claim their place among football's elite? Despite the winners, one thing is certain: the heart-pounding drama and pursuit of excellence in the Championship resemble the essence of football we all learned to love ⚽ #Championship #EFL #Football

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