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      Want to know more about the Portuguese transfer market? Keep reading 🇵🇹 ⚽ Portugal is such a small country. 5x less population than 🇪🇸 and 21x less than 🇧🇷 Nonetheless, it plays a key role in the football ecosystem. Let's dive in 🔎 Did you know that, according to FIFA, in 2022, Portugal was the country that welcomed the highest number of professional players? 🥇 Wow! Recently, the FPF - Federação Portuguesa de Futebol's Portuguese Football Observatory highlighted the main aspects that characterize the country's player transfer flows in a great article. Here are some key insights: 🇧🇷 Brazil is Portugal's best friend in football deals - no other market flow in the world matches the ins and outs between the two. 👶 The average age of the players entering the country is below the average age of the ones who leave - Portugal is widely recognized for its talent creation, with 3 academies in the top 15 globally. 🛫 For amateur divisions, players mainly travel to Switzerland, Luxembourg, and France - well-known communities for Portuguese emigrants. For professional level (2020-2023): 📌 64% are international transfers 📌 1 in 4 departing players heads to Brazil Overall (2020-2023); 📌 115,113 player transfers recorded 📌 97% of transfers occur domestically Want to explore further? 👉 Full article

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