Tips on How to Pass the FIFA Agents Licence Exam


FIFA Agents Licence

Before getting into football, I was an engineering A-student. Yep, a nerd. A 100% certified one. Let me give you my 2 cents on how to pass your FIFA Agents licence examination and share with you some tips for studying for it. 1. Post-its You'd go crazy if you saw my walls full of post-its before exams. It turns out that creating a visual summary representation helps you learn better. 2. Open-book test Open-book exams require different studying strategies. Instead of trying to memorize everything, try to memorize where each bit of information lies, and understand the logic behind it. Understanding beats Memorizing. Every single time. 3. Practice mock-up exams There are a few mock-up exams available online. Practice doing those as realistically as possible - make them time-bound and try to emulate the environment of your exam. 4. Don't overstudy the night before Burning the midnight oil the night before is a mistake. It has been scientifically proven to be detrimental to your performance. Give it a final read and go to bed early instead. 5. Relax Have some chamomile infusion the night before, if you're stressed. Don't drink too much coffee/tea in the morning. Relaxation will let you reach the challenge state you need to work out the answers. 6. Read questions carefully Especially true if you are not used to having exams, read the question 2 or more times until you understand all the nuances. I hope this helps and good luck!

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