How to become a FIFA-Licenced Agent in 2024


FIFA Agents Licence

FIFA conducted a football agent exam on 22 May 2024. Which raises the question: How? How does one become a FIFA-licenced Football Agent in 2024? To become a FIFA-licensed football agent in 2024, you must follow these steps: 1. Eligibility Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements set by FIFA, such as: - Clean Record: You must not have been found delivering Football Agent Services without the required license or registration as an intermediary in the 24 months before applying. - No Suspension: You must not have been suspended (for 2 years or more), disqualified, or struck off by a regulatory authority or sports governing body. - Exam and CPD: You must pass the licensing exam and comply with continuing professional development (CPD) requirements. - Application Fee: Payment of a fee is required as part of the application process. 2. Application If you are eligible, you should then apply via the FIFA Agent Platform. Beware of deadlines, though! For example, the application period for this May's exam was from 9 January 2024 to 31 March 2024. 3. Examination If your application is successful, you will be invited to sit the FIFA Football Agent Exam. The exam is designed to test your knowledge of FIFA regulations and the football transfer system. 4. Exam Details The exam lasts 60 minutes and comprises twenty multiple-choice questions. The pass mark is 75%. You must bring your own laptop and provide your own internet connection to take the exam. 5. Pay the annual fee For your FIFA licence to remain active, you must pay the annual fee of USD 600! While USD 600 might not seem too much in the USA and some parts of Europe, agents from other parts of the world with weaker currencies have a hard time getting all the necessary funds. 6. CPD to represent minors (Optional) Agents who want to represent minors or clubs in transactions involving minors must first complete a CPD course on minors If you are interested in representing minors, please be aware of further regulations on approaching a minor directly, having the consent of the legal guardians and always complying with national laws. Lastly, a disclaimer: this information can change so please always verify FIFA's official website for up-to-date information.

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