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World Cup 2022

The World Cup is in flames, the last clashes of the Round of 16 have shown some incredible performances and great displays of strength and character. The competition carries on and so does ScoutDecision's outlook on it. We will go over a few key figures regarding each team's group-stage games for the Portugal v Switzerland clash. Portugal: Portugal's national team finished at the top of their group. However, the last game against Korea ended in an upset for the Portuguese. Now, they face an opponent who is familiar, since they played with them two times in this calendar year alone. The mission for Portugal is to combine tactical discipline and the talent of the squad to make a memorable run. Switzerland: The Swiss beat Serbia in the last game of their group. Their electrifying performance was rewarded with the qualification for the Round of 16 and are looking to capitalize on their good performances against an opponent who they beat in their last clash back in June. Stay tuned for more interesting figures as we head to the decisive rounds of the World Cup!

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Despite having a similar clean sheet percentage, Switzerland suffers fewer goals per 90 minutes and saves a larger percentage of the shots on target taken against them. Portugal only shows a better record of shots on target against.

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Both teams go hand in hand regarding most defensive stats. The biggest differences are in the clearances made by both teams and tackles in their own defensive third where Switzerland holds a large edge over Portugal.

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Portugal is dominant in possession over their opponent. It is expected that Portugal will hold control over the ball for most of the game. The question is if this possession can be translated into attacking pressure.

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Portugal dominates in the number of passes completed with the biggest difference being felt in long passes, complete crosses, and short passes. However, both teams are leveled in progressive passing. This evidences Portugal's appetite for creating chances down the wing and their predominance in keeping the ball in possession.

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Despite having similar expected goals, Portugal takes more shots both on and off target and scores more goals. Therefore, it is expected that Portugal's target men will be on the lookout to transform their possession into attacking threats.

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