Why Football Agents Should Obtain a FIFA Licence


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I've spoken with way too many football agents without a licence. FIFA is doing a terrible job at explaing agents why they should get one in the first place. So I decided to help FIFA. Here are my 5 reasons why all serious football agents should get a FIFA licence. 1. Credibility and trust Having a FIFA license demonstrates that the agent is acting within the law. It signifies professionalism and competence - enhancing an agent’s reputation. Because he can lose his licence if he does any wrongdoing, it builds trust with players, clubs, and football authorities. 2. Access to official databases and FIFA events Licensed agents gain access to FIFA’s official databases, facilitating player scouting and representation. They can also attend FIFA events, conferences, and workshops, expanding their professional network. 3. Avoids conflicts of interest FIFA-licensed agents follow strict ethical guidelines, minimizing conflicts between their interests and those of players or clubs. They create transparency in the whole transfer ecossystem by preventing illegal practices. 4. Legal recognition and authority FIFA-licensed agents operate within legal frameworks, ensuring legitimacy in their dealings. Because Licensed agents understand contract intricacies, they reach stable and fair agreements for players and clubs. 5. Global reach and market access A FIFA license enables agents to operate internationally, opening doors to the global football market. By the way, if you are still managing your football agency with spreadsheets and computer folders, I've got great news for you: we developed a software to help you manage your agency and you can check it out here.

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