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As an agent, you deal with dozens and dozens of athletes. This amount of information can be overwhelming and relying solely on memory can be challenging when working in the fast-paced environment of football. Independently of where you are in your career, your player database is your secret sauce, it's the reason you stay ahead of the competition and why players and clubs choose to work with you. Here are some of the reasons why a player database is essential for a top football agent. Talent ID: You watch players, you write down how good these players are, how you see yourself working with them and recognize their qualities. You need a place to store all this information: videos, notes, player's bio details and expectations about salary and market value. Excel and Word are accessible tools, good to start with but: do you want to be working with hundreds of documents scattered around your PC? How will you find these during a meeting or when you are travelling? You need a database tailored to what football agents need. Network and Relationships: The sooner you establish a relationship with a player, the longer they will trust you with their careers, even before they achieve success. You want to discover players before everyone else. A dedicated database allows you keep track of players progress, following them up close and building a solid source of information and the foundation for long-lasting, sucessful partnerships. Strategic Planning: Some of your players have dreams of becoming world stars, others prioritize being close to their families and others don't mind travelling half way across the World to get minutes on the pitch. A database to manage your players builds up a lot of information, data, videos over the years. Merge your knowledge of the player and their ambitions, design a career plan for them and advise them on what's best for them. A dedicated platform allows you to gather the knowledge to best help your players find themselves and guide their career. Club Requests: You are good at networking, you have a wide network of sports directors and clubs who trust you to supply them with players. They send you requests with specific requirements. Maybe they need a young tall center-back to add depth in defence or they need a budget experienced center-forward who can finish from close range. Club requests change a lot and are numerous during the transfer window. You don't have time to waste looking for the information: manually looking on your notes or going through Excel sheets. You will take too long, you will lose the deal. You need a database complete with filters adapted to how clubs operate, so you can find reports and profiles on the spot and send them immediately to clubs. All these reasons are why we created ScoutDecision. If you'd like to try a software that can make your life easier, that is the base for a successful agent career, go to: Platform for Agents

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