Are you making your best possible decisions?

ScoutDecision is the only decision-making tool that complements sports professionals’ skill sets by combining relevant data with your expert judgement to reach the most insightful conclusions.

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Honestly now, is this the best way to make your decisions?

Making good decisions is hard. No questions about it!

Dispersed information

The foundations of a good decision start by avoiding practices such as a rudimentary approach to player reporting and analysis while trying to handle information from multiple sources (videos, reports, images, comments, notes, evaluations, ... you get the point).

What is this costing you?

  • Time wasted that could be spent on value adding-activities.

  • Decreased productivity.

  • Money spent on too many tools and resources to address gaps.

Change your approach now
Large number of dispersed files, including PDF, Word, Excel, images and video documents.
Various images depicting the common responsabilities of a spots professional and the consequence of feeling desperate to manege so much work without the help of ScoutDecision.

What about when all the right information is available at the right time?

Absence of a defined decision-making process

Once the necessary context to make the decision is in place, the lack of a precise and adapted process to cross the bridge between the essential criteria and user expertise can make you rely on gut instincts or subjective interpretations, leading to suboptimal decisions and potentially costly mistakes.

What is this costing you?

  • Inconsistencies due to a lack of systematic process.

  • Inaccurate conclusions that result in bad transfers (unfitted to playing style) and deteriorated team spirit.

Change your approach now

Combine all the information in one place and decide with full confidence

ScoutDecision contains the first decision support model designed for football professionals, placing you at the center of the analysis without missing any detail.

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Organization is key!

Easily integrate data

Bring all different team and player resources together in one location that enables effective access and efficient analysis of the data.

  • How is it possible to combine many types of information from different sources?

  • We provide integrations with other data-providing platforms and give you the freedom to create your metrics so you can evaluate both side by side and according to each's importance for you.
  • What about video and other formats like PDF, Word, or Excel? Can I store them?

  • Yes, you can.
ScoutDecision player report and all built in functionalities like the possibility to include video and image and incorporate PDF, Word and Excel resources all in one place.
Scoutdecision decision report and some of the insights it gives upon player comparison.

Never rely on guesswork and incomplete data to make crucial decisions again!

Make clear unbiased decisions

Statistics are important, but do they tell you everything about the players? Use your evaluations to complement event and tracking data.

  • What do you need to make a decision?

  • Build your case using both data and your expert opinion.
  • How do you make a decision?

  • We have simplified tools to guide your evaluation process as you only need to answer a few questions and organize attributes according to the relevance they have to you, making it quick and replicable.
  • How do I know the results are reliable?

  • We use a scientifically validated method to calculate the importance you give to each aspect of your decisions.


Many football professionals have already started making their best decisions, when will you?

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