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Streamline your academy's operations

With our cutting-edge software, you can simplify player monitoring by creating player reports aligned with your academy's philosophy. Combine the essential criteria with your specialized metrics and evaluate each athlete through an easy-to-use interface.

Complement and strengthen your evaluations by adding unlimited game or training video clips from several sources and highlighting relevant aspects in the notes section.

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Scoutdecision player report.
ScoutDecision comparison analyssi tool outputs.

Maximize player performance with data-driven decisions.

Empower your academy with comprehensive player tracking and comparison

Our sports management tool provides a comprehensive solution for tracking player progress over time so you have everything you need to oversee the athletes' performance and make informed decisions.

Stay up-to-date on the athletes' most recent developments, and head-to-head comparisons, and communicate your results through shareable links or automated PDF reports.

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Ready to empower your academy with the tools you need to succeed and take it to the next level?

Make use of these and other features:

  • Build your player database.
  • Track athletes by creating scouting reports with video, notes and advanced metrics.
  • Integrate statistics from anywhere.
  • Get insights into players comparisons.
  • Leverage available data with your expert judgement to achieve tailored results.
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