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Unlock your organization's potential with tailored sports management technology!

The only algorithm tailored to the organization's philosophy.

Use the first hand-made algorithm for your team

Our platform is designed to help you identify the best options for every position in your game style by placing you at the center of the analysis.

Align the athletes' selection with your team's vision and strategy by evaluating the pros and cons of all players according to your expert judgement.

Simplify player scouting and recruitment by taking collaboration to the next level and involving all your team in the decision-making process.

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Scoutdecision decision report and some of the insights it gives upon player comparison.
Some of Scoutdecision's tools that allows you to manage and organize all your and you team's work.

The most seamless interface to manage your team.

Coordinate your team with our tools

Test different formations and adjust your strategy with ease using our powerful tactical planning tools. Experiment and find the perfect formation for your team to succeed on the field.

Assign tasks to your team and schedule events on a centralized calendar, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient communication. Stay on top of team activities and never miss an important event again.

Prioritize the athletes you wish to follow and track their evolution over time.

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Ready to empower your organization with the tools you need to succeed and take it to the next level?

Make use of these and other features:

  • Build your player database.
  • Track athletes by creating scouting reports with video, notes and advanced metrics.
  • Integrate statistics from anywhere.
  • Get insights into players comparisons.
  • Leverage available data with your expert judgement to achieve tailored results.
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