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Unlock your potential with tailored sports management technology!

A tool for scouts.

Enhance your talent identification

With data becoming more widespread in the football world, scouts' responsibilities are amplified by the need to define which metrics and statistics to focus on to match their decisions with the club's philosophy.

Our platform empowers you to do exactly that. By giving you the freedom to combine statistics from different sources with your metrics, you can build your decisions around the team's culture and identify the best talent for if.

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Scoutdecision player report.
Some of Scoutdecision's tools that allows you to manage and organize all your and you team's work.

A tool for coaches.

Analyze your team's performances and prepare their training accordingly

Effective team performance analysis is crucial in determining the success of a football team. By analyzing team performance data, coaches can identify areas of strength and weakness, and develop training programs that are tailored to the needs of their team.

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A tool for sports scientists.

Grow your data analytics skill set

As a sports scientist, the support you provide to your team is critical and can make a difference when it comes to the athletes' performance, physical conditioning, and rehabilitation.

By utilizing our decision support software, you can manage these aspects through an intuitive interface and be ready to tackle any challenge.

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Scoutdecision decision report and some of the insights it gives upon player comparison.

Ready to empower your skill set with the tools to succeed and reach the next level?

Make use of these and other features:

  • Build your player database.
  • Track athletes by creating scouting reports with video, notes and advanced metrics.
  • Integrate statistics from anywhere.
  • Get insights into players comparisons.
  • Leverage available data with your expert judgement to achieve tailored results.
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